Experiencing QHHT, from I am Spirit clients…

The gratitude I feel for the time Kimely spent with me during our QHHT session is unmeasurable. The kind and caring space she created for me was so beautiful.

I was able to connect with past experiences and now understand how they have affected my present moments.

This connection has given me the understanding why certain emotions come up in certain circumstances and I can let these emotions gently pass by knowing why I feel this way.

Every day since my session I have received new understandings and it’s been so freeing.

Thank you so much Kimely for wrapping me in your love and understanding, I will be forever grateful. xxoo

Patty D

The QHHT Session with Kimley was so MUCH MORE than I expected.

The Pre-Hypnosis time of the session was beautiful. Kimley’s understanding, calm and non-judgemental nature was nothing but inspiring!

Hypnosis – is an experience I don’t think I understand – however, I was comfortable and calm with Kimley.

The Post-Hypnosis experience was equally as comforting. Kimley’s review of what evolved in the session was gentle, supportive, understanding and kind.

It was a beautiful & emotional end to the day.

POST SESSION RECORDING: The recording is beautiful. There are so many touching moments for me.

So much wisdom and so many ideas about my past that I’d never seen as “important”.

Kimley’s voice is such a joy to listen to. I want to listen to sections of my recording on repeat – as beautiful and important meditation.

In conclusion, I recommend QHHT with Kimley to anyone who has something to heal, something they want to know or changes they want to make.

Kimley is a perfect & beautiful facilitator for personal change via QHHT – a path of love and compassion.

Jill S

My QHHT session with Kimley was such an interesting and healing experience and has continued to bring me insight and catharsis even weeks after the session.

Thank you eternally Kim for holding such a loving and connected space and doing this beautiful work.

Shannon B

I recently had a Quantum healing hypnosis session with Kim. I think to best describe it was to take me to a better place spiritually and to help me understand myself better.

Amazing, fantastic, unbelievable, enlightening just doesn’t do it justice. This is without a doubt the best thing I have done in this life so far. You seriously need to do this, thank you, Kim.

Jeff G

Kimley is extremely intuitive and guided me with gentleness while keeping me centred in each past life regression.

I had an incredible experience that gave me endings to unanswered experiences and I now have a greater understanding of my purpose as a soul.

What an amazing QHHT Session and one I certainly recommend.

Thank you Kimley for your Love and Light.

Susan P

I felt absolute trust in opening up my life and my subconscious to Kimley.

I found the session went so quickly and provided a physical release of obviously stored emotions.

On listening to the audio recording provided I found some interesting learnings about myself and felt comforted that I am more in control of my life that I had been feeling in some time.

Kimley’s space is safe, comfortable and conducive to obtaining answers for personal growth.

Thank you so much for such a fun and interesting session.

I recommend this therapy to all who may be floundering in life and looking for answers on how to resolve past and present issues.

Linda J

I recently had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Kimley.

As a practitioner, she is supportive and grounded. I felt very comfortable.

The session was very enlightening and I would encourage anyone with questions and issues around their life or very existence to attend.

Candice L

I had the most profound experience and received beautiful messages for my souls purpose.

Many questions have been answered and Kimley was extremely connected and nurturing throughout the entire process.

I felt absolute peace, love and protected in your home. Your noesis Kim can not be underestimated.

A journey well worth considering for anybody seeking higher truths, guidance and healing 🙏

Sonya B

Having never done anything like this before it has taken me several days to digest.

Since having our QHHT session I feel calmer within myself but also feel like I’ve had a bit of a detox!

My shoulder has no pain, my neck took a little longer but now no pain and my ankle, which was mentioned in the recording, has also has stopped being painfull. Amazing!

Listening to the recording was a very surreal feeling but also, I was in emotional awe of what I was hearing myself say.

Our session has definitely given me a lot of things to work on and it has given me a better perspective on dealing with those traumas that haunt me.

Many blessings

Vicki B

I had a QHHT session and it was amazing. Kim made me feel very welcome and safe.

She has a beautiful presence and was very patient.

I also had a healing on my leg which really blew me away.

You know you are in safe hands.

Thank you Kim.

Janice B

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