Thursday Yoga

Thursday Yoga

Yoga is the journey of the self,

through the self, to the self.

Yoga is an old discipline from India and has existed in many forms for thousands of years. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve overall health and happiness, core strength and balance.

There are many branches and styles of yoga practice, incorporating a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, cleansing processes and mindful awareness through contemplation and meditation.

With regular and consistent practice, you will discover the transformation and the union of mind, body and spirit.

Our weekly Yoga classes are held by professional Yoga instructors, who are members of Yoga Australia with many years’ experience. In our divine location, we offer a unique blend of gentle flow, rhythm, movement, yin, nidra and restorative postures including relaxation and meditation techniques.

After our practice, we enjoy a social chat and cup of herbal tea with like-minded souls.

silhouette of 5 people in various yoga poses red sky at sunrise

Yoga is for everyone, claim this sacred time for you.

yoga class at I am Spirit, Living Awake Old Petrie Town

Thursday morning Yoga

set amongst parkland in the centre of Old Petrie Town.

Environmentally, it doesn’t get any better!

Outdoors and undercover, we connect to mind, body and spirit.  With mindful guidance, we move through Yoga postures while grounding and reconnecting to Mother Earth. 

Classes are fun and purposeful, catering to everyone’s needs with humour and humility.   

I always leave a class feeling better than when I began.  I am consistently in awe of the soul connections made by people of all walks of life as they come together to practice yoga and then share a cuppa, a hug, a story and many laughs, during and after. 

It is truly a welcoming and warm group of like-minded souls.  Much love always.

Kimley Allen

yoga class at I am Spirit, Living Awake Old Petrie Town

What people are saying about our Yoga classes

What people are saying

about our Yoga classes

Thursday Yoga is my favourite time of the week.

Thursday Yoga is my favourite time of the week. It’s my weekly medicine. Yoga resets my vibrational state back in flow with spirit. I always feel blissed out with love and connection at the end of practice. I also enjoy our coffee and chats after the class and I feel I have found my tribe in spirit. Thank you so much for providing us with this space filled with love and connection.    Baz

Where to start...

Thursday Yoga. Where to start. It is a transformative experience that I lovingly look forward to. A space is held for each and every soul, to rise, heal and manifest.  I am challenged – my body, my mind and my soul – to become a better version of itself. I am so grateful to have found Thursday Yoga. Thank you My Spirit, Namaste.  Jody

Thursday morning yoga is amazing

Yoga at I AM SPIRIT with all the wonderful people that come to Thursday morning yoga is amazing. Calming, centering and full of fun, laughter and joy, it leaves one feeling light and present. Thursday morning Yoga is a great start to your day!  Resets, re-energises and heals. Much Love.   Monica

Weekly Yoga Classes

Every Thursday Morning   9-10am  – $10 

Outdoors and Undercover.
Please bring your own mat, water and other props for your comfort. Arrive early if it’s your first time. Join us for Yoga and a social cuppa afterwards.