Universe 222

Universe 222

Universe 222

Signs and signals from the universe

In this age of high-tech communications where it is so effortless to access information, we often forget to plug into the eternal spring of wisdom within. That silent language of the soul, the nuances and the signs and signals from the universe. I would like to share with you a recent experience of mine, that once again reminded me of this amazing duality we inhabit and how thin the veil really is, if you are willing to open your heart and listen.

My mother was a fiery five foot nothing, Sicilian beauty, whose passion in life was her family, cooking and home. I have such heart-felt memories of my brother and I walking home from school, delicious smells wafting up the street tantalising our taste buds before we even walked in the door. Mum would always be in the kitchen wearing a bright apron with her trusty old wooden spoon in hand. She would spend hours perfecting her creation, so it was just right by the time we arrived.

Since Mum’s passing her presence is felt often

Over the years, since her passing, she has made her presence felt many times in subtle and not so subtle ways. From feeling her with me when I am cooking, or in a plane flying over Tibet! Last year, while in mid-flight I was sitting beside a new acquaintance. She turned to me a little annoyed to tell me there was this very vocal, tiny lady waving a wooden spoon, demanding her attention. I realised immediately it was mum and she was insisting that this poor woman convey to me, how very proud she was. Did I mention she was incredibly stubborn too? Whenever I have a reading this is the consistent theme that she is almost desperate to deliver.

Emotions were bursting from my heart

Most recently I have been exceptionally busy and on this particular day I was working on the dedication page for my first book. I had two laptops on the go and in my peripheral vision I caught sight of something unusual behind a document. To my utter disbelief it was a full blown picture of my mother’s face, which I didn’t even realise I had. Immediately I felt such a strong mixture of emotions bursting from my heart which was released into a full blown sobbing session. Through my tears of joy, loss and gratitude, I knew that she wanted me to dedicate the book to her and it was my way of reciprocating the pride she felt in me.

Her praise was something I craved dearly for but seldom received

On returning to my dedication, within seconds of typing her name, she disappeared from my screen but I had no doubt that she was proud of me once again. My mother was quite the perfectionist, and her praise was something that I craved dearly for but seldom received. In her way I think she is making up for that now in buckets or should I say wooden spoonfuls!

So next time the universe is dialing your number please be present enough to hear it ringing or otherwise the magic will pass you by.

Tina Cardillo


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