The Art of living

The Art of living

The Art of Living

Deep inner meditation and the power of intention

I met with my Reiki Master and teacher last week for the first time in over a year when I was initiated into Level 1 Reiki. This fortuitous meeting has inspired me to add some further insight to this most elegant system of healing which I use each and every day. For me I combine the practice of Qi Gong with Reiki into the form I use for healing, which is based on deep inner meditation. This is done in front of the Sun and the Ocean, giving thanks and praises for this most beautiful life as a prayer early in the morning when the weather permits. Sometimes it’s wet or too windy at the beach so my lounge room becomes the most perfect place to achieve the same result. One thing that came up in our conversation related to the book I had previously just written on the power of Intention for healing work regarding cancer and illness. We talked of the concept of meditation or healing groups connected in a digital way to stay connected to each other while in forced isolation. My book was written in some depth regarding the power of Intention for healing, which reminded me of something my Reiki Master said regarding the impact of Covid 19 – the virus still crippling the world, impacting each and every one of us in many ways, some not so subtle. Many of us in the healing business or any business for that matter have been absolutely tested to the core. Those of us with a strong platform built on Loving Awareness seem to have been surviving reasonably well while many others are really struggling, some losing everything including the lives of family and friends. This brought up the concept of what healing can we can do for each other, and our mother the Earth as she births this new Consciousness, this new Awareness taking place all around us including the solar system and beyond our own galaxy, with each planet in very unusual super positions.

A solid practice built on an authentic platform

For me one thing I have been learning for many years is something my first teacher in the spiritual super market said to me when I was just a kid – ‘ You Must Have a Practice ‘ this means a solid practice built on an authentic platform. I feel blessed, gravitating towards people who can teach and have taught me how to find inner guidance within myself, this is not an easy business to achieve, it remains a continual process. If there is such a thing as enlightenment it is continually ongoing transformation. Nothing in nature is ever static, everything moves in cycles, natural rhythms based on the divine geometry within our most beautiful Universe, we call this a feedback system.

Each of us has our own limitations

The simplicity of this feedback system is as simple as saying a kind word, a smile offering gratitude letting that other person know you care. Sometimes we have an opportunity to help, to ease the load. We can choose to help depending on the situation. As an example, if someone was drowning in front of me, my lungs are so bad I would die before I could reach them, so my help would have to be to find someone who could swim out. Each of us has our own limitations on what we can do, it’s important to know and understand what these personal limitations really are, they can be flexible, constantly changing with focus and effort. For me I can only do my personal best which in not the same as any other person’s personal best. Each of us here on Earth has a particular chemistry relative to our DNA, our parents, their family tree all the way back. We all come into this life with gifts, however all the gifts are not the same. Like grains of sand sparkling distinctly, each one a variable of the one beside it individually connecting making up a sandy beach. To me the most valuable lesson I have learnt is share your love, learning to pay it forward as often as possible. Many people are takers not givers. It appears some people thrive on taking or stealing so we must be mindful we can be bled dry like any other creature.

I am reminded of the poet Rumi, who once said ‘Protect the Heart, the Heart is the most sacred thing we possess, learn how to Love, protect that Love and pass it on.’ This is why we need a solid practice to restore our energy depletion each day. Have you ever woken up feeling so drained, all your life force diminished? Sitting in front of a computer screen all day can do that to you just as easily as hanging out with the local vampires, in the newsroom, media driven gloom and doomers on your TV – coming into your own living room instead of room service, bringing fresh fruit and coffee.

Now more than ever we need to step back from the constant negativity which is a targeted bio weapon operating on the fear factor. These power possessors use every trick in the book to distract each of us from our own unlimited potential to wake up and be free. It’s incredibly important to remember emotional vibration which can be turned up or turned down by the choices we make. As I said to my teacher, ” Many people prefer to see the disarray and ugliness in this world, we choose to see the beauty. We look to the beauty.” That’s the choice we each can make – remember the Sunrise sparkling on the ocean, remember great nature, remember our friends dedicated to healing others and our mother Earth. This is the choice which resonates with me. We send healing out to our friends wherever they are, here, there, everywhere. Meditate on this my good friends, send out healing Love to Beautiful Universe, beautiful Universe responds in kind. Healing Love, let it rain Healing Love this is my Intention – Pass it On, Pass it On.

I have written a detailed manual for anyone wishing to tap into these gifts, our most beautiful Universe has bestowed on me after surviving three near death experiences, explained in ‘ Life within Life – Transforming Leukaemia with the power of Intention ‘ – look for it, a small price to pay … for the price of a cup of coffee or the paperback on Amazon.Com. If I had to choose to be a hornet or a bee, remember this, the hornet makes poison, the bee makes honey. Which would you choose?

Kenneth John Taylor

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