Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Healing with Kimley

It’s tough going, trying to find the right kind of support out there!

Current times have been tumultuous, and many people have been navigating feelings of overwhelm and fear, or low vibrational frequencies such as negativity, pain emotional suffering, emotional and energetic blockages, stress, anxiety, and depression.

You could be experiencing confusion and a complete disconnect from who you are and why you are here on earth at this time.

You may be hustling to survive the daily grind and would prefer to thrive in life and reach your highest potential.

Your spirituality may be growing increasingly important to you, and you are feeling ready to make positive changes in your life.

Suppose you are resonating with any of the above information and you want to elevate your frequency to an optimum place – or higher vibrational frequencies such as healing, abundance, balance, connection, gratitude, joy, sovereignty, higher consciousness, and your natural state of oneness.

Congratulations and great work; you are following your intuition
and have landed on this page for a reason. Prioritise and value your spiritual wellness and your soul’s journey.

Connect with Kimley to discuss your personalised Spiritual Healing Package.

About Kimley

Kimley is an experienced Spiritual Practitioner dedicated to humanity’s spiritual evolution and masterfully guides a reconnection back to your divine spark within. She graciously holds space for authenticity and vulnerability and leads the way to unlock your heart, nourish your soul and expand your mind with humility, kindness and compassion.  

Portrait of Kimley Allen sitting under an ancient Fig in Old Petrie Town

Kimley is deeply honoured to work intimately, soul to soul, higher self to higher self, in a nurturing container of love and light within her well-established Spiritual Boutique.

The booking options below and The Soul Care Practices outlined in Kimley’s Spiritual Wellness Menu allow you to create your personalised Spiritual Healing flow.

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Spiritual Wellness Menu

Spiritual Discussion

Emotional Release & Burn Ritual

Chakra Alignment & Balancing

Affirmation & Mantra

Reiki Healing Experience

Intuitive Reading

Guided Meditation

Creating Sacred Space

Earthing & Grounding

Sacred Time out

60 minutes of Soul Care. Choose your flow and select up to 3 from the menu.

Your investment $150.

Sacred Rest & Repair

120 minutes of Soul Care. Choose your flow and select up to 6 from the menu.

Your investment $280.


Time Out


Time Out


Rest & Repair


Rest & Repair