Spiritual Collective

Spiritual Collective

Our Mission, Commitment & Vision

Our Mission

is to provide inspiration and mentorship on a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level, to facilitate quality teaching and care to participants through Group Gatherings, Yoga, Massage and other Energy Healing Modalities and Holistic Therapies.

Our Commitment

is to share our accumulated knowledge and to mindfully assist those who want to enhance their personal growth, awareness and understanding to an optimum place of wellness, healing and loving kindness for self, loved ones and others.

Our Vision

is to raise universal consciousness by facilitating sacred healing work via workshops, group work, individual treatments and consultations as holistic healing providers for those seeking gentle, non-invasive forms of therapies through Spiritual Mentoring, Yoga Classes, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing.

We’ll guide you

to amazing places.

Collective Wisdom

We are of service to all souls who are seeking spiritual transformation, guidance, love and support. Like the Flower of Life symbol we represent and are all connected to, and part of, the cycle of creation. BE the change you wish to see in the world. It begins with YOU.

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