Oneness Through Love

Oneness Through Love

Oneness Through Love

LOVE is our Super Power

Wowser, April 2022 has been a really tough one.  I’m sure others resonate and for me in particular it was heavy, emotional, sludgy, and very low vibe, coming at me from all directions into my energy field, over and over and over.   This gruelling month seemed to be endless, until finally relief and realignment when the planetary energetic shift occurred once the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of early May passed us by.  Then like a solar wave of upbeat positive energy beamed through my heart and frequented spaces, immediately feeling lighter and brighter.

In the wee hours of May 6th around 3amish, of which is not unusual for me, I received a flood of downloads, I became super restless unable to sleep, tossing and turning and then suddenly all of this brilliant intel poured directly into my consciousness.  It was crystal clear, the clarity and resonance I felt from it, for it and with it, I am it.  In these moments I feel the most connected to my higher self, source, Universe.  What I fail to do is get up immediately and write it down, instead waiting till my head feels like it’s going to explode and I have no choice but to somehow relay the information into words, at a more respectable hour.

When sharing my downloads with a friend, she informed me that the Schumann Resonance peaked at 4:20am on the 7th May.  For anyone unfamiliar with the Schumann Resonance, my very basic understanding is the SR are a set of spectrum peaks that record the pulse and vibration of mother earth.  These frequencies correspond with human brainwaves and there were 11 hours of what they call white out spiking around this same time.  I encourage you to research further if you’re interested as the Schumann Resonance could help gain understanding for those who are sensitive to energies and vibrational frequencies.

Before going to bed, I was contemplating the crown chakra and preparing to facilitate a workshop the following day. It was probable that I was subconsciously requesting guidance although when I receive information in this way it flows through very fast and effortlessly, I am in-between wakefulness and sleep, I feel completely open and connected, supported and on track.  The crux of the downloaded information I received was “oneness through love”, providing my enquiring mind with the reassuring validation of this cosmic truth.  Knowing that this information coming through, was in fact from me, not from any external source at all but from an all knowing place of truth and love from deep within my soul of which is the commonality human beings share, we each, already know everything there is to know.                                  

Messages for humanity or for the greater good are not new, in fact many people share similar insights regularly, however in my experience and discussions with people that I know and the new people that I meet day to day, most still struggle to grasp this truth due to the damage caused by endless nefarious programming as we navigate the low vibrational 3D existence.  During workshops, I mindfully observe the majority of souls are aware, and some are awakening to the truth of “oneness through love”, however many are heavily distracted by their personal suffering and have varying layers suppressing their energy.  Most are doing their best to break through the veil of darkness and fear, if only we could just get out of our own way and surrender into love.

Every human and sentient soul on this planet is connected, we are one.  We are all divine sparks of source, fractals of light, God particles and Universal splendour, each and every one of us.  Quite often I highlight this to individuals in person and mention to them that their inner light is shining so brightly, and they are in fact a divine spark of God/Source/Universe, responses are varied and some beautiful souls light up even brighter, however, sadly, most shrivel at the thought of been seen in this way and withdraw from their magnificence.

Remembering the very intent and purpose of the malevolent beings who programmed humanity was to separate us from our Source, and to sever our innate connection to ourselves and each other.  The purpose and creation of race, religion, culture, currency, was to divide the human race, in this division we have forgotten our own divinity and humanity.

In our collective amnesia we see ourselves as separate from Source and choose instead to seek external validation pretty much from anything and everything else.  In our separation we lose our way, becoming lost and disconnected.  We are giant reflecting mirrors for each other, we feel each other and reflect our light and love outwards to each other, this is how we experience connection.  We also reflect our pain and suffering outwards and this too rains down upon others.  Like energy attracting like energy.  When we resonate with something, we are intrinsically drawn to it, like a moth to a flame, alternatively, when we are repelled by something, we turn the other way, we retreat.  In our withdrawal from connection to self and everything we seem to have found a new way to survive and have become somewhat comfortable in disconnection and suffering and continue the victim consciousness cycle.  All the while, our manifestations occur on a gigantic scale, a frequency, a vibration, that we, and here is the clincher, we choose. 

An example is the current Ukraine war of which is playing out on the global stage.  War is merely a reflection of our individual internal wars and battles that play out through all of our relationships of which becomes our generational story, an ongoing cycle of history repeating itself, recycling endless pain and suffering, around and around we go.

When we consciously move to free ourselves from the shackles of fear-based generational programming, we slowly begin to remember we are connected to everyone and everything, we beam our soul love frequency out into the ethos, simply by changing our attitude and shifting our perspective, breaking toxic cycles and patterns and suddenly we rise into our true nature.

Then if by magic, an awakening of understanding emerges, new learnings blossom, as we yawn loudly, stretch out our limbs and wake up from a very long sleep.  We are vulnerable, we are divine and we are truly blessed.  Loving life again we set out to reconnect with humankind in a loving and wholesome way and all trauma, fear and anything that does not serve our highest good, dissolves.  These actions elevate consciousness for all of humanity as we remember and relive the wonders of love, to feel love, to receive love, to be love.

There is no higher frequency than love, love is the highest possible vibration available to humanity and there is no opposite of love, love has no opposite, love is the frequency of Source, God, Universe and the beating heart of Mother Earth, love is us, we are love, in this love we are ONE.

Love is our Super Power, remembering who we are and why we are here, we have everything we need to get out of our own way and BE love once more, choose LOVE and the truth of “oneness through love” to reconnect us and magnify the highest possible frequency, beyond time and space, throughout the multiverse.

In Light, Love & Infinite Joy 

Kimley xXx 

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Finding peace within the chaos

Finding peace within the chaos

Finding peace within
the chaos

There is no denying that we are experiencing surmountable challenges at this time, with the goal posts changing daily, while we each navigate our own personal and professional circumstances.  

We need to remember that we don’t need anybody’s permission to do something that will make our world a little lighter and brighter.  Stand firm in your truth, follow your heart and your intuition, unleash your god given gifts from the core of your spirit, with no fear only love.

At any given moment, only you know, how you truly feel, and only you know what is right for you, always trust your internal compass, your heart and your intuition, they will never fail you.

If your heart is heavy and every cell in your body is uneasy, your throat is blocked as you struggle to find the right words or you’re done with the for and against narrative or there is a raging volcano inside, on the edge of eruption.

Without judgement, trust the emotions you are feeling right now, they are real.  Everything you are feeling is valid, allow yourself to feel them, sit in them, for a short time and then release them and let them go.  You can do this is over and over, to help counteract, the fear, the rage, the anger, the confusion, or whatever feelings come up for you, just keep doing the work on self, otherwise you risk becoming stuck in the grey thick sludge of unresolved feelings. 

Give yourself permission to practice the pause, press your pause button, put yourself on PAUSE … take a long slow deep breath … and a BIG energetic step backwards and come home to your heart centre.  

Focus on all the things that bring love, lightness and balance to your life, right now.  Find your creative spark and connect to the people who love and support you, or try something different and reach out to someone new.  Only allow into your energy field, those who will lend a kind ear, give you support and encouragement and with whom you resonate with on a similar energetic level.

It is true, there are limitations and restrictions we are all facing, however, the only real limitations are those we put on ourselves, when we go against our innate internal compass.

When you choose to expend your energy on what truly matters, the heaviness in your heart will dissipate allowing peace to flow in.  When we enact all the best parts of our divine selves, the obstacles merely fade away, it is then, we realise that we are indeed, our own biggest obstacle.

We are all doing the best we can, so with loving kindness, PAUSE, find compassion for yourself and allow space and time to rest, to relax, to step back and release the emotions and repeat whenever you need to. Pausing gives you the moment to stop and to take a deep breath, allowing precious chunks of time, as much as you need, and then you can choose to respond, rather than react. 

When you don’t know how to feel or what to do and you flip from the nurturer to needing to be nurtured and then sometimes we are courageous and sometimes we erupt and other times we need to retreat and observe from afar.  It is okay to feel all of these things.  Take a deep breath, step back and pause.  In times of chaos and uncertainty, it is essential to claim this time and allow a moment or two or three to find the peace within.

Peace, is that magical place within, where we dwell in safety and sacredness, where we patiently observe, where we sit in majesty and in gratitude, for all that is.

Find your pathway to peace, and you will find sanctuary in the chaos.

In light, love and infinite joy.

Kimley xXx

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Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual Sovereignty

Beautiful souls, there is REAL

Spiritual Warfare underway!

What does it mean to be spiritually sovereign, especially now in these polarizing times amidst a global crisis and pandemic of fear?

I have been closely observing the increasing upheaval on the energetic front and how it is impacting deeply within my own psyche, my family and community. Moment after moment our world leaders are broadcasting a tsunami of statistics, demands, restrictions and orders that directly impact on our civil liberties and our human rights. My mother 73 who is in lockdown in Melbourne says, “I am a prisoner in my own home, I am afraid but enough is enough!”

Tidal waves of relentless programming crash down through mass media sources into the ether, seeping down into our personal energy fields. I stay informed from a safe distance, but it is literally hurting my ears and my head, as I struggle to digest lumps of intel, that quite frankly just do not add up, for me or anyone of sound mind. I liken the feeling to an irritating endless mind ache, with nauseating gastric discomfort, with lots of gurgling and unpleasantries. This is a real side effect I am experiencing due to our current global vibe, and I know that I am not alone here. Many have shared with me the significant toll the fear mongering is taking on them and their families and of course there will be many hidden side effects devastating the population that will far surpass the reach of any man made virus. On a brighter note, those asleep are waking up en masse. Given we are living in the Age of Information; ignorance is indeed a choice.

It’s been a tough slog to remain focused and positive during this time, practicing mindfulness and presence to stay grounded so as not to get lost down the endless rabbit hole. Phasing in and out of cognitive dissonance, as the despicable atrocities are revealed and the spotlight shines brightly on the shadow side of humanity. It is normal to have moments of low energy, anxiety, negativity and complete exhaustion which requires a full disconnect at times. Nevertheless, we must soldier on and endure, “this” and I’m not sure if it’s a thing yet but it could be termed “Plandemic Fatigue”.

Open your throat chakra, it is time to Speak UP!

So what can we do about it, when we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, as innocent bystanders, amidst an energetic battlefield, as the global warfare between Service to Others (Light) and Service to Self (Dark) forces battle it out. I personally, refuse to become collateral damage, muzzled and silenced or injected. So with discernment, trust and faith in the highest good of humanity, we can declare our sovereignty, we can speak up. Even if our voice quivers, even if you only do this from the comfort of your home. Open that throat chakra, it is time to speak UP!

In these unprecedented times, the most empowering thing we can do is exercise our Free Will, simply by declaring our sovereignty, each and every one of us can make a difference. Leading the way, are millions of aware and awake spiritual warriors and all it takes is a shift in mindset equals a SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS by exercising your FREE WILL. A simple nudge from fear to LOVE elevates humanity from bondage and darkness to a place of Truth, Loving Kindness and Peace.

The Global crisis is about Truth and Freedom Vs Tyranny!

There are many Declarations of Sovereignty available, I encourage you to search for one that resonates with you, better still make your own, this is a simple version:

I am a sovereign human being of planet earth

I do not consent to anything that does not serve my highest good

I exercise my Free Will from this moment forward

I am a Lightworker and of Service to Others

For the highest good of humanity

With Love and Gratitude

In Light and Truth

Upon declaring these words out loud, in my daily sacred practice, I am able to release the energetic burden and “Plandemic Fatigue” symptoms I am experiencing and more importantly, it feels right and good! As well as continuing daily spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga and Reiki and a complete unplug from mainstream media, has been of enormous value to me through these unchartered waters. 

Thrive in your divine light, with resilience and fortitude, be a positive role model in your soul collective, be proactive, hopeful and purposeful, compassionate and kind. Trust that all will be revealed in the perfect way and the perfect time. We did choose to be here NOW! Connect with like-minded souls as often as you can, we are never alone and we are in this together.

This global crisis is about truth and Freedom Vs Tyranny!

You are so loved and humanity needs you!

Stay strong, be patient, remember joy, be true and shine your Light.

Remain calm, ride the waves, this too shall pass.

In Light and Truth

K xXx

ps. Please do your own research, research, research with discernment.

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The Art of living

The Art of living

The Art of Living

Deep inner meditation and the power of intention

I met with my Reiki Master and teacher last week for the first time in over a year when I was initiated into Level 1 Reiki. This fortuitous meeting has inspired me to add some further insight to this most elegant system of healing which I use each and every day. For me I combine the practice of Qi Gong with Reiki into the form I use for healing, which is based on deep inner meditation. This is done in front of the Sun and the Ocean, giving thanks and praises for this most beautiful life as a prayer early in the morning when the weather permits. Sometimes it’s wet or too windy at the beach so my lounge room becomes the most perfect place to achieve the same result. One thing that came up in our conversation related to the book I had previously just written on the power of Intention for healing work regarding cancer and illness. We talked of the concept of meditation or healing groups connected in a digital way to stay connected to each other while in forced isolation. My book was written in some depth regarding the power of Intention for healing, which reminded me of something my Reiki Master said regarding the impact of Covid 19 – the virus still crippling the world, impacting each and every one of us in many ways, some not so subtle. Many of us in the healing business or any business for that matter have been absolutely tested to the core. Those of us with a strong platform built on Loving Awareness seem to have been surviving reasonably well while many others are really struggling, some losing everything including the lives of family and friends. This brought up the concept of what healing can we can do for each other, and our mother the Earth as she births this new Consciousness, this new Awareness taking place all around us including the solar system and beyond our own galaxy, with each planet in very unusual super positions.

A solid practice built on an authentic platform

For me one thing I have been learning for many years is something my first teacher in the spiritual super market said to me when I was just a kid – ‘ You Must Have a Practice ‘ this means a solid practice built on an authentic platform. I feel blessed, gravitating towards people who can teach and have taught me how to find inner guidance within myself, this is not an easy business to achieve, it remains a continual process. If there is such a thing as enlightenment it is continually ongoing transformation. Nothing in nature is ever static, everything moves in cycles, natural rhythms based on the divine geometry within our most beautiful Universe, we call this a feedback system.

Each of us has our own limitations

The simplicity of this feedback system is as simple as saying a kind word, a smile offering gratitude letting that other person know you care. Sometimes we have an opportunity to help, to ease the load. We can choose to help depending on the situation. As an example, if someone was drowning in front of me, my lungs are so bad I would die before I could reach them, so my help would have to be to find someone who could swim out. Each of us has our own limitations on what we can do, it’s important to know and understand what these personal limitations really are, they can be flexible, constantly changing with focus and effort. For me I can only do my personal best which in not the same as any other person’s personal best. Each of us here on Earth has a particular chemistry relative to our DNA, our parents, their family tree all the way back. We all come into this life with gifts, however all the gifts are not the same. Like grains of sand sparkling distinctly, each one a variable of the one beside it individually connecting making up a sandy beach. To me the most valuable lesson I have learnt is share your love, learning to pay it forward as often as possible. Many people are takers not givers. It appears some people thrive on taking or stealing so we must be mindful we can be bled dry like any other creature.

I am reminded of the poet Rumi, who once said ‘Protect the Heart, the Heart is the most sacred thing we possess, learn how to Love, protect that Love and pass it on.’ This is why we need a solid practice to restore our energy depletion each day. Have you ever woken up feeling so drained, all your life force diminished? Sitting in front of a computer screen all day can do that to you just as easily as hanging out with the local vampires, in the newsroom, media driven gloom and doomers on your TV – coming into your own living room instead of room service, bringing fresh fruit and coffee.

Now more than ever we need to step back from the constant negativity which is a targeted bio weapon operating on the fear factor. These power possessors use every trick in the book to distract each of us from our own unlimited potential to wake up and be free. It’s incredibly important to remember emotional vibration which can be turned up or turned down by the choices we make. As I said to my teacher, ” Many people prefer to see the disarray and ugliness in this world, we choose to see the beauty. We look to the beauty.” That’s the choice we each can make – remember the Sunrise sparkling on the ocean, remember great nature, remember our friends dedicated to healing others and our mother Earth. This is the choice which resonates with me. We send healing out to our friends wherever they are, here, there, everywhere. Meditate on this my good friends, send out healing Love to Beautiful Universe, beautiful Universe responds in kind. Healing Love, let it rain Healing Love this is my Intention – Pass it On, Pass it On.

I have written a detailed manual for anyone wishing to tap into these gifts, our most beautiful Universe has bestowed on me after surviving three near death experiences, explained in ‘ Life within Life – Transforming Leukaemia with the power of Intention ‘ – look for it, a small price to pay … for the price of a cup of coffee or the paperback on Amazon.Com. If I had to choose to be a hornet or a bee, remember this, the hornet makes poison, the bee makes honey. Which would you choose?

Kenneth John Taylor

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A Near Death Experience

A Near Death Experience

A Near Death Experience

I have taken so many risks in my life …

An ordinary day, heading out to pick up pizza, little did I know.  It’s funny because with all the things that have happened in my life and the risks I have taken, the last thing I expected was to be attacked by a swarm of wasps.

My daughter was 3 at the time and by my side helping to open the gate of our property.  Out of nowhere the wasps charged at me, I was stung repeatedly, My instant reaction was to protect my daughter and make sure she was out of harm’s way.  She was watching, wide eyed, as I jumped up and down trying to evade the painful assault.  I was running around like a crazy man and by the time they had finished with me, I had been stung over 40 times. I checked my little one and she had not been stung once, thankfully.

I raced inside for the bug spray and straight down to the gate, found the nest and torched it. I was satisfied with this result and got back into the car to pick up the pizza.

By the time I had reached the gate for the third time, I started to feel numb and disoriented.  I turned the car around and managed to make it inside the house. By this stage I had a fair idea of what was happening. I laid down on the tiles in the lounge room, grabbed a pillow for underneath my head and asked my wife to call an ambulance.  I was going into anaphylactic shock. I knew I was about to pass out.

This is my recollection …

In the moment, when I was lying on the tiles, I felt myself, my soul, leave my body and I looked back down at myself, at my lifeless body, lying on the floor.  I remember this feeling or more of a knowing that I was slipping away. It felt completely beautiful and natural, just looking down at my body and everything around me.  I felt a total sense of peace and love. While I was in this state I had another ‘knowing’ and was preparing to leave this life for good, when all of a sudden, I heard an unknown ‘male voice’ that said to me, “do you want to stay or do you want to go?” In that split second I realised that I was offered a choice. I answered the voice telepathically and said “I need to stay; I have work to do’.

I believe the reason why I decided to stay from a higher perspective was I needed to work on myself more deeply, to not only become a better human but to evolve as a spiritual being and to assist others. 

Having had several out of body experiences in the past, this kind of thing was not unfamiliar to me, however, this time it felt very different and more final, as if I was coming to the end of my contract in this life.

Choosing to stay

I could see from a higher perspective that the lessons I needed to learn were the most important thing in my life and the reason for staying would be for my spiritual growth and to share spiritual wisdom with others.

As soon as I had made the decision to stay, “we”, meaning the higher unidentifiable male voice and myself both agreed to this new soul contract.  Then in a flash I slipped back into my body and that’s when the paramedics walked in.  I tried to get up and they tried to stop me. They took my blood pressure and it was 20 over 40 which meant, I was coming back from death. They insisted on taking me to hospital to be checked over and I was later discharged with no problems; however, a new and life affirming purpose had surfaced.

I had been given a choice and decided to stay, from that moment on, the most important thing in my life has been my spiritual journey.  Life experiences come and go, every new day I give my full attention to the purposeful  “work” that I chose to stay here and complete.

My near death experience has also shown me not to waste a moment and to use this life to help myself and others in all ways possible.  You just never know when a random swarm of wasps could try and kill you and an all knowing voice from above offers you a choice to stay or go, in a timeless moment, hovering between life and death.

Larry Livoni

Local Spiritual Community

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“Yoga” they said

“Yoga” they said

“Yoga” they said

Not being a natural athlete

Life is full of milestones; some we encourage and welcome with open arms, and others, more fearful, leap out and surprise us like muggers in the night. So hence, my dilemma. Somehow, the big 60 had snuck up on me while I was not paying attention. Upon reflection of my time on planet earth, I was reasonably content with my present life … almost. For many years I’d struggled with keeping fit. Not being a natural athlete, coupled with my aversion to sweating, hampered my search for the perfect regime. After attempting a wide variety of physical activities that severely depleted both my confidence and bank balance, I found the only exercise I actually enjoyed was walking in nature. Yet, this was not always practical and left me partially unfulfilled.

Frustrated, I explained my conundrum to my friends, who all agreed on the answer. ‘Try yoga,’ they said. ‘Perfect for someone your age.’ I immediately listed five reasons why it wasn’t for me: you needed balance, coordination, strength, focus and agility—all the qualities that had cruelly bypassed my DNA. After some convincing, I gingerly agreed and enrolled myself and a friend in a local yoga class.

Fell on my friend in a fit of giggles

So, with my new, shiny yoga mat rolled under my arm and trusty friend at my side, I stood in a very long queue at the church hall. Secretly hoping I’d gotten the dates mixed up and was wrongly waiting in line for an intermediate class, I checked the sign at the door. Alas, it stubbornly proclaimed, Beginners Yoga in bold print, and we were herded into a room where we hustled to find our little piece of temporary real estate. The room was stifling and the 50 odd bodies squeezed into it didn’t help the heat. Maybe I was the midst of a delirium and in reality the sign had read, Hot Beginners Yoga. Given my aversion to sweating, this was not a good start and things went on a steady decline after that. Next, a very stern, middle-aged woman, and her four, equally serious assistants, guided us through basic yoga moves that, to me, defied gravity and the normal ability of the human anatomy. The crunch came when I tried to do the Tree Pose and unceremoniously lost balance and fell on top of my friend in a fit of giggles. Needless to say, this was met with disapproving glances from my instructor and her yoginis, and that was that, end of story—or so I thought!

The Universe luckily stepped in and I later discovered the Thursday morning yoga class at I Am Spirit where I was met with open arms, warm hearts, non-judgment, and so much more. There, under the canopy of a rotunda surrounded by nature and a cooling breeze, Chris, the skilled instructor, guided me at my own pace on a gentle journey of self-discovery of mind, body and spirit. Within this group, where her trusty sidekick, Kim, often has us in fits of laughter, I have found a safe space, full of kindred spirits only too happy to chat afterwards over a well-earned cuppa. Here, I am accepted—faulty DNA and all!

Yoga, I am pleased to say, is now not just an exercise, it is a way of life that has me never wanting for more.

Tina Cardillo

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