Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection

About I am Spirit, Living Awake

We are a tribe of earth travellers, spiritually aware and awake souls, who have come together to share our divine insights, personal stories and collective wisdom, from the every day to the extraordinary, working harmoniously in the light, for the highest good of all.

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The journey from My Spirit to

I am Spirit

Portrait of Kimley Allen sitting under an ancient Fig in Old Petrie Town

Kimley is a spiritual warrior on a conscious quest, delving into all things ancient, hidden and meaningful. An Aquarian, true to character with a life path number 22/4, the Builder.  From this dreamy Aquarian and humanitarian perspective of the world, she has an innate ‘knowing’, that we are all divine and eternal spiritual beings.

In her experience, living with this truth is one thing, the 3D reality is very different.  For most of us it is an undeniable challenge.  The pain of living human is inevitable, however, suffering is indeed optional.  For most, it is undoubtedly tough going, living a human existence.

Kim is of service to others and draws on her many years of human services work, both professional and personal experiences of empowerment and insight to guide other truth seekers who present to her, in the spiritual hub she has nurtured for many years. Kim’s business My Spirit has evolved into I am Spirit with a little help from some divine friends and loving nudges from the universe.  Kim is driven to be the best version of herself, walking her own path of authenticity and truth and often states, “If you are seeking your purpose in life, your purpose is simply, to be, the best version of you.”

Although Kim, like all of us succumb to the sheer weight of being human and veer off track at times, becoming distracted and lost, floundering in fear and doubt. Building internal walls, protecting our vulnerable hearts from that inevitable darkness and pain.  With fierce determination, unwavering faith in truth and love, and an expansive spiritual toolkit gathered over the years, including regular Meditation, Reiki and Yoga practice, Kim without a doubt believes these to be essential ingredients of which provided light, guidance and comfort, through her darkest times.

Going about her everyday business, Kim recalls distinct periods of time, where an increase of synchronicity and divine happenings where occurring.  They were swiftly arriving, through her front door. Bringing with them, subtle and life changing assistance, guidance and messages. ‘They’ are THE ‘Brightest Souls’ ever to walk into her life.  Kim’s soul tribe of human helpers, were appearing one by one. Compassionately taking her by the hand and illuminating the pathway forward.  Kim’s walls around her heart began to melt bit by bit with each divinely timed encounter. Until these precious moments, Kim was unaware of how hardened her own heart had become from years of putting others needs first.

A heart opening experience

The angels of light in human form had heard her prayers and all that no longer served her highest good, dissolved. Kim experienced an opening of her heart centre and a newfound sense of deep gratitude, peace and healing.

Kim describes this as a “showering of abundance and love that knows no limits”.   Some of these Angels of Light, she has never seen again, some stay for a short while and others will be with her and by her side, forever.  Feeling overwhelmingly blessed by the unmistakable validation of the connections between souls, bringing with them the ultimate gift of trust, support, faith and love.

Profoundly grateful that she was “Living Awake” to receive them

Kim’s prayers were answered and manifesting her heart’s desire, was working.  Often not in the way she’d imagined as the universe has a galactic sense of humor, always responding in the perfect way and the perfect time.

Profoundly grateful that she was “Living Awake” to receive them, to feel them, to hold them, to experience their presence in warmth and earthly familiarity.  Kim is continually in awe of the brilliance of the human soul and our ability to ignite one another in a collective display of universal love.

For Kim, she has experienced the everyday miracle and in this truth, continues building pathways to the light for all who are ready to embrace it, with no fear, only love. xXx

Portrait of Kimley Allen

Kimley Allen,

Founder, I am Spirit, Living Awake